Life On the Farm «  Vegan the Cow

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Life On the Farm «  Vegan the Cow

Life On the Farm

Life on the farm is always fun with Vegan around. Ever since we rescued her, Vegan has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. I don’t think that I had ever touched a cow until she showed up on our farm. But, when I first spotted her in the field, I felt like I had been blessed with the best gift ever – my very own cow! I immediately knew that I needed to trap her so that I could help her and keep her safe. Every time I saw Vegan in the distance, I would yell, “Vegan, I love you!” It took many months to safely rescue her and when I finally did the first thing I told her was that she would always be safe and that I loved her. Little did I know, Vegan felt the same way about me. One day, I brought her some fresh bedding for her barn and she got super excited and mooed, “I Love You.” This was the first of many times that she would moo this to me. Listen carefully to the video and you will hear it too. I’ve since learned that cows can mimic sounds that they hear often. But, I’m going to keep believing that Vegan knew exactly what she was saying!

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