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View From the Trough «  Vegan the Cow

View From the Trough

Welcome To My Page!

I love waking up every morning in my cozy barn, full of my cow friends. The best part of my day is when Mom visits with yummy treats. She always spends time petting me, bushing my fur, and making sure I have fresh water and hay. Today was super special because Mom showed me a book that she wrote about ME! My very own book!! I can’t wait to share it with my friends and show them how awesome I look. And, in case you were wondering, EVERYTHING in the book is true. I really did jump over Mom’s truck…but that was before I knew how much she loved me.

Thanks for reading about my day, and if you like my book as much as I do, please send me a message. Mom will read it to me and write you back.


Vegan the Cow