MOOOOO! «  Vegan the Cow

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MOOOOO! «  Vegan the Cow


Cows have an excellent sense of smell. We can smell up to 6 miles away which is why it was so hard for Mom to capture me!

Tofu Nose

Cows are social animals and we naturally form large herds. We make friends for life and will get stressed if our friends are taken from us. I love my herd and I never want to be apart from them!


Cows don’t bite because we don’t have upper teeth. We curl our tongues around the grass and pull it out of the ground. My veterinarian says that Tofu has been curling too much grass lately and I think I agree!

Vegan Tongue Out Tofu Ground

Cow horns start to grow soon after birth and continue to grow throughout our lives. Hummus has really long horns and likes to poke us with them sometimes. Mom helps us out by putting Hummus’ special horn covers on!

Hummus Horn Covers